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      June 16, 2013


Nature of the World

Everything has its own significance. It depends how we perceive it. If one looks closely nature speaks our language. We can understand but only if we are literate enough.

The lavish green color depicts the general population of the world. The various hues of green are the individual identity of humans. The whole year round they exist but as silent observers. They face the wrath of every season.

In the same world of nature, rebels exist too. They are who represent the red, purple, and orange leaves. Even thou they exist in the same family. But yet are different and prominent from others. They have a stronger existence than others. The various colors show the different school of thoughts.

Flowers are the ornaments of nature. They give a feeling of serenity. Like jewelry makes women look pretty. Insects and bugs which nibble on the roots are the deeds which exist in the society.

The clouds are like dreams which form and blow away leaving behind images in mind. Rain is like the joys and sorrows of life. Winds are the unbreakable bonds. Even then they are silent they still exist.

Sun and moon are the forces that shine and calm our lives like religion does. Fences and barbwire's which divide the areas are like the borders of nations.

Mountains are the egos which are hard to demolish. Animals in the jungles create an atmosphere of discomfort. Rivers and seas are the food without which itís hard to exist.
Wings of spring blow life into nature. Pot of life boils on flames of summer. A time for parting arrives in autumn when justice stops flourishing. Rebels take a stand and sacrifice their lives. Winter takes a silent yet mournful nap.
To wake up in the vicious circle again....

By: Saqi on email


mail @ chitraltimes@gmail.com

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