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      June 16, 2013



By Samiul Haq Kosht Soragh

In the present modern world education has assumed an important place as a component of economic, social, cultural and moral development of a nation. It is not only builds on human capability but also contributes towards the socio-economic development of the country. This is why all the developed nations of the world given top most priority to education and spent at least six percent of there GNP on education sector. Consequently these countries have achieved more than 95 percent literacy rate. But in our country unfortunately since its independence in 1947 Pakistan has lagged far behind in this sector. As we know that illiteracy is the mother of all ills we are facing today. Illiteracy is the most serious problem Pakistan is faced with at present. Due to the ignorance among people other ills and social evils are surging in Pakistan more rapidly. Every country becomes prosperous owing to the qualitative part of population rather than quantitative. Population explosion is a direct cause of illiteracy in our country. Because of population explosion poverty is also rising. Unemployment and low rate of per capita income is really depleting our country.

Corruption is increasing in our country just because of illiteracy. Most of our population is consist of ignorant people who indulge in useless pursuits and wanted to become rich overnight and adopt unfair means for accumulating wealth. These people create unrest in the country. Political chaos and unrest undermine the prosperity of the country.

Well-nigh 70 percent of our population is residing in rural areas of the country. These people are absolutely unaware of fundamental principles of basic health care due to illiteracy. They do not care about polluted environment. They throw their household garbage in there lanes and streets. Malaria and T.B rapidly spreads owing to the filthy and stinky environs.
In the pretext of the above mentioned facts we can easily derive that illiteracy is the main problem due to which we are far behind in every spheres of life as compared to other developed nations. Here a question arises that how can we get rid of illiteracy?

Our Govt should keep the education at top priority for the prosperity of our country. To prevent illiteracy we have to eliminate ignorance from our society. It needs a movement by every Pakistani in large scale. First of all we have to inform people about the importance of literacy and aftermath which will certainly make prosper not only the concerned individuals but also the whole country. Electronic and print media can be used for this movement.

Allocation of education budget should be increased hundred times more than present budget to achieve the set ideals. A sound planning is need for the increase in literacy rate.

Uniform education system is the call of the day. In the whole country uniform syllabus should be introduced in all educational institutions.

The concept of education for all is indispensable for the sake of prosperity in Pakistan. The poor and rich should not be differentiated for getting education. They must have equal chances to get better education.


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