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      June 15, 2013


Female suicidal rate in male dominant societies

Suicide is process where a person kill own self or try to harm own self intentionally or unintentionally. The rate of female suicide means the speed of killing own self or harming own self of female in male dominant societies is it high or low if it is high then how much it is high and what is the reason behind it which lead the female toward self harm .The female who are living such environment where domestic and gender violence is occurring due to which female attempt suicide or those female who are living in male dominant societies like Pakistan Afghanistan ,China and Arab countries where female are treated strictly so such kind of environment allow the female to do suicide .A research was done by IRIN in Gujarat in June 2008 according to this study female doing suicide because of helpless some they are beaten by their husband but couldnít come to parent home because of culture. In our culture it is considered taboo or it means the end of marriage because of such situation female think that suicide is the only way by which they can escape from problem . if we see globally about the rate of suicide then we will come to know than male suicide rate is so high as compare to female but If we see the literature that according to the environment then it is different in developing countries where male dominancy is high and there the ratio of female suicidal rate is also high.

Female are more prone to suicide in male dominant societies where because male are highly dominant they treat female strictly and make the female helpless and deprived female from their basic need and right their so many reason as well like lack of awareness and low education these reasons are also playing a key role in female suicidal rate .In Pakistan most population living in back word areas as well rural areas where female literacy rate is very low and most of female are dealt strictly they kept in home society do not allow the female freedom of choice of life and make female dependent so those female are compled to take such a big action they kill themselves because they cannot do any thing else. It means that who are living in such environment where domestic or gender violence is main cause of female suicide rate. According to Dr Darya Khan Laghari, a psychiatrist of Sir Cowasji Jehangir Institute of Psychiatry Hyderabad, suicide is a multi-dimensional disorder, which results from a complex interaction of biological, genetic, psychological and environmental factors. Excess effects of these factors on any individual may leads to suicide attempt. Today suicide have become a global issue. Nearly one million suicides occur all over world every year, which means that every after, 40 seconds somebody dies by suicide, with anywhere from 10 million to 20 million suicide attempts annually. In last few years, dramatic increase in the suicide ratio has been recorded in Pakistan. There are many causes which force a person to commit suicide such as interpersonal relationship problems, domestic issues, mental illness, lack of resources, poorly established primary and mental health services, study stress, physical abuse, social injustice, depression, partiality.

Suicide is a criminal offence under Pakistani law and the act is often covered up by families. Activists like Tanvir Jehan believe the growing number of suicides among females is due to rising frustration - a phenomenon in which the lack of social and political progress is "certainly one factor "Also, the fact that at least 44 percent of people, most of them women, according to the Karachi-based Pakistan Association for Mental Health (PAMH), are depressed is almost certainly a factor. A study published in the British Journal of Psychiatry last year, based on a survey of 680 people in a village in the Bara Tribal Agency in Pakistan's north, found that 39 percent of women, compared to 21 percent of men, had contemplated suicide.
The authors suggested this had something to do with the fact that women reported more social problem
According to Nadeem Mirza of the Lahore-based Aurat Foundation, a non-governmental organization (NGO) working for womenís rights, 1,322 cases of violence against women were reported during the first three months of 2008. These included 119 cases of domestic violence and 66 cases of women committing suicide. In 2007, the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan recorded 2,040 suicide cases, including 692 by women. Financial hardships, or ďdomestic problemsĒ, which the commission said were often triggered by issues relating to finances, were cited as the reasons for 870 of the cases Between January and May 2008 there were 1,049 suicides, including 322 by women. It is believed most cases of attempted suicide and many suicides go unreported due to the social and religious stigma attached to them.
As above literature shows the female suicidal rate is quietly high in our societies to so many reason male dominancy is the one most common cause of suicidal rate of female .It is the very important for all student particularly for those who are doing graduation and master while they can think critically and analysis it critically about such kind of social and cultural issues .
In some societies where male dominancy is high it directly lead to female suicidal rate which is observing from so many year but unfortunately no one is ready take any action regarding this major issue of our society .Male dominancy is not only the reason for female suicidal rate but lead to other factor as well like it leads to gender discrimination ,domestic and gender violence which lead female to do suicide because of these factor encourage the male to think like female are servant of them then the start to do abusing sexually and physically of female the female become compel and canít go their parent home because in our society it is considering very bad so the female canít find any other way finally the attempt suicide to escape from such problem . So it is very important and great significance in our society..

Future Recommendation:
To overcome such kind of issues or decrease such in a society we have to change a person by changing a single person we can change the whole society .First of all we have to change it in family setup we know that most of the family in our society prefers son and ignore daughter we teach the people to maintain equality among children while it can help the girls to build a good personality and confident and can learn the leadership skill in childhood from their families and it help in women empowerment and prevent from violence .If a girl become independent she can take her own decision and she can be a good leader and will not depend on male so it will help us to stop female suicidal rate.

Secondly we will emphasize the female education in future to make them independent in life and by education give them awareness about their life and importance. The other most important recommendation is that we have to change some things in systemic level we have to change the policies and human rights should be introduce in proper way that every one can able to knowabout their rights ,values .Allow the female to be highly educated and male dominancy should decrease .the another way to decrease this issue is giving awareness about the right of female ,children and senior citizen may every one can be self consistent confident about their values .Most of the rural areas female are depress and depriving from their basic need it lead the female to do suicide so to decrease suicidal of female first we have to change these issues it can only be change in systemic level The policy should emphasize women rights and different NGO,s should allowed to run for the betterment of women rights and women should be encouraged to take part in social and political activity.

Different seminars and workshop should be conducted in rural areas by such activities for the female of the rural area will be aware of their rights. Media has a big role to stop female suicidal rate in male dominant society .Media should encourage the female role in a society and discourage such activity like suicide which are done by females. In the future media should have a specific corner for female.

Laws should make for female rights not just only make should be apply in a proper ways female should be encouraged in politics .Domestic and gender violence should be stop and should discourage by government should take strong action against the domestic and gender violence .

On the base of study of different researches I would like to conclude my topic that is females suicidal rate is low globally but it is high in some culture where male dominancy and domestic and gender violence are present it directly lead to female to do suicide and increase the suicide rate that is most common in developing countries like Pakistan India Afghanistan Arab countries and China has also high rate of female suicides .In different societies where female are treated strictly they are beaten by husbands and they canít come to their parent home because culture consider it very bad even consider it end marriage and female become helpless and attempt suicide to escape from such problem they think that it is the only way to escape from problem. Female are also deprived from their basic need and right so it become also cause of female suicide .To decrease these issue we have to make proper policies on the base research and female right should be introduce in proper ways.

Subira Amir Khan
BSCN student / STMU


mail @ chitraltimes@gmail.com

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