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      June 10, 2013


Arts Therapy

The Editor,

There are people that are hurt and scared everyday and they don't know what to do with these feelings. These thoughts and feelings fester and everyday these people get angrier until eventually they do something destructive. These lost people can use these raw, scary emotions to create exceptional art, but they are not aware of their options. If we let people know how to express themselves in creative ways then there will be less destructive behavior and mental illness can be helped instead of feared.

Maha Salam
Jinnah University for women,



The Editor,

My name is Maha Salam and I am the student of Jinnah University For Women and through the columns of your esteemed newspaper I would like to bring to the notice that media has become overwhelmed with sexual exploitation and itís putting very mature things into immature minds. I personally saw things on TV that I shouldn't have seen until I was older and understood more and I certainly do not want my children to experience those same things. We need to make sure that parents realize what their children are watching and if they donít like it, they need to do something about it. As a responsible person we need to think what can be done further to save immature minds from exploitation.

Maha Salam


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