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      June 01, 2013


"Chitral, one of the most neglected district of KPK" II

Dear Sir,

I totally disagree with honorable Junaid Saleh Hayat's article because our Chitral is not a neglected district rather it has been getting funds regularly from governments but the problem is that representatives (MPAs and MNAs) are not completely loyal and sincere to our Chitral.

In past these MPAs and MNAs got reasonable funds but were not used properly for the development of our Chitral.

The only solution is that people of Chitral should elect good, honest, loyal, active and patriot persons but once again people of our Chitral missed the chance and elected the persons who did nothing for the development of Chitral in past.

From 2008 till 2013 I watched different Assembly sessions in which MPAs/MNAs from districts of Bannu, Charsadda and Dir etc. rose voice for completion of Lowari Tunnel Project but unfortunately Salim Khan, Ghulam Muhammad and Mohi uddin did not rise voice for Lowari Tunnel on Assembly floors.

I very kindly request to people of Chitral that please elect proper persons in upcoming elections 2018 for development of our Chitral.


Engr. Rasheed ULLAH
District Karak



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