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      June 01, 2013


WiFi alert

It feels great biting a burger at your favourite cafe while surfing the internet, thanks to expanded wireless internet, WiFi, coverage but we should not ignore the fact that these cable less connections come with their own caveats.

Mr Elfren Meneses, head of the Anti-fraud and Computer Crimes Division of the Philipine National Bureau of Investigation said, WiFi hackers set up fraudulent websites that appear to be log-in sites for legitimate WiFi hotspot vendors and steal personal information. Crooks have stolen personal and credit card information by hacking into their WiFi networks.

He also offers some tips for safe WiFi surfing. Ensure the log-in site has a secure sockets layers (SSL) key. Never give any sort of account numbers or credit card detail. Always remove your wireless card when not accessing a hotspot to deny hackers any chance to get into your computer.

Stay safe and protect yourself from the dangers of a wireless connection.


It has been noticed that private colleges and schools in Karachi have taken to increasing their fee arbitrarily. This is an injustice to the students and causes severe problems for them. As most of our population cannot afford this private education, public schools and colleges being not enough in number to accommodate all the students, it is becoming increasingly difficult to get high quality education at affordable rates. This is not good for the society as, by offering various tiers of education system, we are dividing our society into different classes that are always at each otherís neck. Strict action should be taken against these schools and colleges to bring down their fee to a level that a common man can afford.

Kanza Tasneem


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