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      May 27, 2013


Election Pakistan

Transparent election has been one of the biggest challenges in Pakistanís political history. But this time around Pakistanís Election Commission tried its best in conducting translucent election under the circumstances. As there were many irregularities reported by media and some of the polling stations were suspended. In any case it is so nice to see that PTI has been successful in securing most seats from KPK. I am surprised to hear that there was no success from Chrital. I think it is safe to say that Chitralis showed their loyalty to APML & PPP for their past services. Congrats to all winners from Chitral.

It is a great progress ECP have been successful to certain extend in accomplishing this set goal. Without a doubt it was very difficult task when dealing with such large population. I believe this is the first stepping stone towards a new Pakistan.

People have a great opportunity to vote for change this time but regrettably chose a government that has dark history in the past. Where they had made so many promises but didnít deliver. I hope and pray this time they donít repeat the same mistake only the time will tell.

The spirit of common citizens was evident throughout the election. They have done remarkable job in casting their ballots despite looming danger to their safety. They showed their civil pride and responsibility by queuing patiently for long hours to cast their votes. There were serious violent incidents occurred in some parts of the country, as I watched on TV overall the atmosphere seemed calm and the democratic spirit of Pakistan prevailed.

As I observe election very closely I was very happy to see freedom of speech in the media. The media was very active in advocating for a peaceful and transparent election. They were picking up every detail that was unethical and in fact having a very healthy discussion about it what can be done to prevent such incidences in the future.

They were reporting hour by hour details of polling results, even some incidences where voters were devious. They offered extensive coverage of elections and showing voterís accessibility, information about contestants and compare candidates in the broadcast debates. There were many skids, presentation; songs were constantly playing in promoting voters education for the last few weeks leading up to the Election Day.

The only think maybe I missed, didnít see the announcement of the results from KPK Chitral nor there a coverage of election campaigns. I hope to see more coverage in future from that part of the region, being Chitrali I was keen to watch live news from that part of the region.

Finally, I hope the successful candidates live up to their promises and work towards new and improved Pakistan. And fulfill the expectation placed in their shoulders and work hard for the betterment and development of the country and region rather than themselves. And hope to see more initiatives towards new Pakistan.

Mir Hassamuddin
Milton, Canada


mail @ chitraltimes@gmail.com

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