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      May 23, 2013


Losing PPP candidate threatens hunger strike till death

Dear Sir,

The demand of PPP’s Syed Sardar Hussain for recounting of votes is a realistic approach because the margin of votes – just seven – by which his opponent has been declared the winner is nothing in the present scenario where people have reached assemblies by defeating their rivals with a thousands of votes.

In many parts of the country, recounting has been ordered where the difference of votes was in thousands. Another fact of this election is the record breaking rigging by some people in this constituency (PK-90). Reliable sources are saying that the MPA-elect allegedly distributed millions of rupees among the voters in the shape of cash, wheat, petrol/diesel and even hundreds of wheelbarrows. On the other hand, we cannot level such an allegation against the PPP candidate due to his known financial position.

Lastly, those people who gave votes to the APML candidates in the name of Pervez Musharraf will soon realize that Musharraf slogan was just a political propaganda. The MPA-elect, Ghulam Mohammad, has already announced his decision to join the PTI-led government in KPK in the hope that he would get a cabinet slot. As he is a good businessman, he has to at least recover his ‘investment’ in the election in double profit.

Thanks & regards,

Saira Syed


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