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      May 19, 2013


Child Abuse:

Child abuse is the worst crime. It is committed at large number in Pakistan. The incidents of violence against and abuse of children are so widespread that any and every child may become a victim of sexual abuse, anywhere and by anyone.
Most of the children are abused by someone they know and trust, like a relative, family friend or a caretaker. Parents do not wish to create an issue, if their child complains of going through any sexual abuse by elder family members. They donít consider thinking about their childís allegations just to save the family name. But there are also cases where unfamiliar people are found guilty of abuse of minors.

The major factor for child abuse in Pakistan was the easy access of people to children due to the negligence of parents. The effects of child abuse include guilt, nightmares, insomnia, etc.

Child sexual abuse, child rape and child molestation are three phrases a majority of people in Pakistan donít speak of. Even spreading awareness and creating prevention against these vicious acts is considered shameful. As a result of this mindset, the children of this country suffer grievous and painful mental and physical torture; all because no one spoke up or protected them.

To ensure the rights and protection of children in Pakistan, the concerned authorities should take serious steps to protect violence against children.
Media should also give priority in highlighting the reporting of the child sexual abuse cases.


Traffic Problems:

Pakistan is facing an enormous problem of exceedingly high levels of traffic noise, which is significantly higher than all the available international data. It is high time that the concerned authorities should wake-up to the hue and cry about traffic noise. Measures must be taken to create awareness in the people about the ill effects of noise and stringent rules made to control and mitigate the level of noise in every facet of life, including the traffic.
Some Traffic Problems in Pakistan are:

∑ Broken roads Ė as people donít like to move from the broken part so traffic increases on rest of the road.

∑ Lack of traffic sense among the people. People donít have traffic sense. Traffic police and media should play their role in creating traffic sense amongst the people.

∑ Corruption amongst the traffic police in Pakistan. People know that if they will break the law they will easily be released by giving few rupees to the police man.

∑ Small roads for the number of cars and motor cycles.

∑ It also has been noticed that it happens many times that patients die on their way to hospitals due to heavy traffic on roads.

Therefore, make strict laws and make them force able through traffic police. The traffic laws should be implemented properly so that people do not make any violation.

I wish that, the concerned authorities and the government should take notice of this traffic issue as it is getting serious day by day and people should also show their vigilance and responsibility as good drivers and pedestrians on roads.



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