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      May 17, 2013


First Chitrali Shaheed in Pak Rangers

A very young Soldier Ghulam Ishaq of Pakistan Rangers Sindh (Commando Wing) Village Goshen, Koshum, Teh Mastuj was critically inured on 11 May 2013 at Karachi due to suicide bomb blast and was admitted in hospital. On 12 May 13 he got Shahadat due to fatal injuries, his dead body was dispatched and today his dead body reached at his native town Koshum and burned with guard of honor. Sepoy Ghulam Ishaq 1st Shaheed in Pakistan Rangers Sindh. All Chitrali in Pakistan Rangers Sindh Salute him on his Shahadat. We don't forget his smiling face and Ishaq remain in our hearts every time.

A.M Khan
Pakistan Rangers (Sindh) Karachi



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