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      May 05, 2013



With return of the patriot, the ex-president and army chief, Gen. Pervez Musharraf, particularly the people of Chitral get rejuvenated in the 2013th electoral process of Pakistan. Chitralis at every corner of the world celebrated his arrival. Through social, electronic media and other means of communication, they conveyed their warm wishes and full support to Musharaf and his party. Such kind of enthusiastic support made people realize that the people of Chitral are not gonna retreat once they decided to join hands with APML. Only having such passions and sincerity at back, the party regained its confident after the timely dramatic arrest of Gen. Musharraf. Knowing the toughest and unfavorable circumstances in the country, the Chitrali people dared to stand side by side to Musharaf, which everyone today appreciates throughout Pakistan and abroad.

Under such harsh conditions in the country, the APML kept their words and decided to partake in the upcoming elections. Musharaf himself had earlier proclaimed to fight election from Chitral, but being rejected finally from there as well, gave way to Shahzada Iftikhar Uddin to fight on his behalf. Although the pubic have some bitter memories associated with royal families in Chitral, yet they neglect them all and treat him with the same zest and interest as was expected for Musharraf only. The general public ensured the party leaders about their full support and cast of votes. Comparatively, when long after Butto died, people are still voting for his party just because he dreamt Lawari Tunnel, then why not for Musharaf for the first time who materialized that dream!!

Historically rather naturally, people of Chitral are the humblest and simple people of Pakistan, they know nothing about deceptions and intrigues. So their precious vote is for none of the parties but for APML. Today even if their enemy seeks vote using the platform of APML, will be able to gain unrefuted favor. Their rallies in support of Musharaf and against his unlawful and unconstitutional treatment are vivid pictures of loyalty and gratitude. Surprisingly for their pure sincerity, they are getting praise and appreciation from apposition parities as well. We being Chitrali, convey our deepest and cordial applauds to the masses of Chitral and are hopeful that they will never let their emotions and passions die.

When we move to the latest event i.e. the party boycott from 2013 election, unfortunately we see some shaky attitudes over from Chitral particularly from the leaders. The withdrawal announcement by the secretary General Dr Amjad was at its own place heart breaking for all supporters of APML Chitral as party clean sweep from Chitral was damn sure. People on a social site, facebook were regretting over this decision by saying that they had prepared their families along with them to vote for APML, now to which way they are suppose to go. But the real purpose is something else. The way most of APML supporters on facebook stand in favor of this boycott, shows the actual end. They get severe strokes when the news at Chitral times appeared about the APML Chitral party meeting and press conference and their shocking refusal to boycott elections [Chitraltimes]. This gave raise to so many questions which every individual must ask from him/herself because itís their vote that matters only.

Questions like: are we not suppose to accept open heartedly every decision made by Musharaf? Was it suitable for Shahzada Iftikhar Uddin and other leaders to neglect the official news with suspect of its being unofficial? Can this uncommon decision be without consensus with Musharaf the way our leaders demand Musharaf himself to contact them in person at given strategic time, so that they can ponder over it, without surety of agreement with the decision?
Even the latest news came on May 6, 2013 that APML is gonna contest election from Chitral region only. This news gave birth to so many confusions, among which one is that whether this decision was taken by Musharaf as part of the strategy or disappointment before the stubbornness of nominees from Chitral, who are to fight election at any cost? Such type of queries everyone must clear for themselves and make sure their support merely for Musharaf (APML) and not for any individual leader.

Let us pray together, that may Allah, the giver of life, bestow his eternal mercy upon Musharaf and give patience to his family and fans! (Ameen)

With regards
Muhammad Nabi
National University of Modern Languages



mail @ chitraltimes@gmail.com

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