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      May 05, 2013



Elections have a great impact on Pakistan like every other country. After every five years general elections take place. The upcoming elections are supposed to be on 11th of May 2013.

Likewise elections have a great effect on chitral. It is quite difficult for a person to cast his/her vote because of some reasons. The chief one is of the strong caste system existing in our society. People have made up their minds in such a way that think it necessary to cast their vote to the nominee who belongs to the same caste. Sometimes it is so hard that it seems that the competition is between two castes rather than two persons. Moreover people prefer their relatives over those who really deserve their votes just because of the reason that with them they donít have family terms. Up to a great extend votes are also being cast on the basis of religion and region. These boundaries have created confusion in our society and because of this very problem many people do not cast their vote to avoid the conflict and we all know well that how much important it is to cast a vote.

Every citizen must cast vote because it is a sacred due on every person and it is our right and duty to cast a vote. Not casting it is something immoral.

We give our precious votes on these bases and after electing the leader criticize them for depriving us of our rights or for not fulfilling the promises made before the elections.

Now the question is how do you vote? How much progress you want to see in your country in the next five years? Do you think the person you are going to choose as your leader has got the skills to lead? What happens if you do not cast your vote?

We ourselves are responsible for the existing situation. Being the youth of this country we will have to take the initiative. We must think beyond the boundaries of caste, religion and region. Please do give your vote to those who ought to have them, who have the abilities to go in front, who can guide you better. If we really want to bring change in the existing system we will have to change the traditional mindset and system. Do not choose someone on the basis of caste, religion or region.

If we all think like that we can definitely bring the change we want in our country and for which we have been talking about very soon.

F.A ( ii)


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