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      April 30, 2013



Representative of  JFMC also parts of timber mafia


            In response to the press  conference spoken  by the so-called representatives and JFMC incumbents , some days back in an attempt to help their timber mafia. Actually the speakers like are parts of Timber mafia. They are not  real representatives of the local poor people of Shishi Koh valley. They are spokesmen of Timber mafia. If they were really well wishers of the local inhabitants of Shishi Koh valley and its forests then they should give satisfactory answers to the following questions.

1.      Is it not a fact that the local people of kalas village have been defrauded of their royalty money through an illegal and extra judicial agreement which was done sitting in a room of a private house?

2.      Is it legal and not repugnant to the provisions of the constitution to sell and  buy royalty money? Royalty is in transferable right allowed to the local people by government and there should be no third person active to grab their royalty money hiding behind the curtain of so-called JFMC.

3.      Is it not fact that 26000 feet timbers have illegally been taken out from compartment No.1 & 4 of the forest of kalas Shishi Koh. The volume is off  the record and on black market. It is not in the record of the Govt.

4.      Is it not a fact that Compartment No 3 of the  jungle of kalas  contains only on green standing deodar  trees. There are no windfall and dry trees in that compartment.

5.      Is it not a fact that forest department  reacted to my press conference and sent the ranger to inspect the site, but he returned from the quest house of Haji Sher Khan  and did not go to the jungle for inspection. And made you people to chirp  in the  press conference.

6.      Is it not a fact that the  whole operation of illegal cutting of forests is carried out with the connivance of the forest Deptt, whose integrity you people much boast at. The Forest Deptt has colluded with the Timber mafia and serve themselves and they take heavy salary from the nation's exchequer ?

7.      Is it not a fact that the stems of the green trees which were cut down by the axes of Timber mafia's labourers are sufficient to prove the falsehood of you people.

8.      Who are the people to whom I have to owe? why they abandon demanding their debt form me when I speak of illegal deforestation? Is this incrimination of me from your mouth is not sufficient to prove your dishonesty and hollowness of your character?

Sincerly yours
Ihsan ul Haq
Village Kalas Shishi Khoh.


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