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      April 30, 2013


Priorities of Political Leaders in Chitral


Political activities are at full swing these days. In every religious or public place leaders of different political parties present their agenda and priorities for the coming political set up which will be formed after May 11, 20133 election. In the whole process of electioneering no political leader have ever raised serious problem of deforestation, which is in progress these days in Chitral. It means that either they are afraid of timber mafia who will thwart their election campaign or they have not realized gravity of the situation which is becoming from bad to worse. If political leaders become mum and even don’t raise their voice against the serious environmental issues what we expect from them after their election. In this humble effort I would like to ask all the political party leaders who are running their election campaign what will be their plan after election process about artificial harvesting or “Green Cutting” which is taking place in different forest areas of Chitral. Do they have the courage to control this serious environmental issue after coming into power? If they have the courage to control ruthless cutting of green trees after coming into power, non-inclusion of this important issues in their party manifesto is really surprising and perplexing issue for me.

Rehmat Ali Jaffardost
Environmental Activist



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