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  January 06, 2012


In The Name of ALLAH The Almighty

A tale of Power Committee

Ghazni was base of Ghaznavid Empire while Ghur was base of the Ghori Empire and the sultans of both the empire lived in these bases respectively and had developed and beautified these cities terrifically. Chitral town is the base of district Chitral. All the heads of different department live here and the head of all these District coordination officer also resides here but Chitral town is the most pitiful area of the district and is far behind socially and economically from other distant areas. No elected member of provincial and federal assembly has even tried to think about the underdevelopment of Chitral town due to which it is losing its natural beauty due to urbanization rapidly. It has a severe power issue though has rich water resources.

Yesterday I came to know through Chitraltimes that SRSP is planning to start micro hydel projects in Chitral town to stamp out the worsen power issue in Chitral town. It seemed almost impossible to me that the power issue of town would be resolved because there is lack of unity and leadership in the town. But the community showed great unity and enthusiasm in this case.

It was for the first time the community raised a strong voice against the power issue involving community from different walks of life and villages. They held protests communally which were suppressed by two kinds of groups: 1. District Administration 2. Political representatives. As far as the district Administration is concerned it did its best but due to lack of capacity could not make any progress. District government arranged various meetings with high officials of WAPDA and SHEDO but in vain. It also gathered the nobilities of upper and lower Chitral for sharing of the power but they also refused to do so. As a result to maintain peace and stability they had to siege the movement through power. Political representatives had their political motives due to which they tried to nick the movement by using political tactics but the movement adopted a new strategy and tried to build partnership with nongovernmental organizations. They power committee members met Mr Masood Ul Mulk (CEO) SRSP at his home and he promised to intervene in town for power generation. Now I think the organization has initiated the process and will soon Insha Allah start the work also. The power committee had not political motives. Had it been political movement it consisted of only one party members but it comprised members from all parties. Secondly religious leaders belonging to different parties played pivotal role in the movement. It is a story of great success and taught us a lesson that we should have unity, coordination and sustained efforts to resolve our issues by our own. I pay rich tribute to Khan Hayatullah Khan, Molana Jamshed , Abdul Nasir Hussain Ahmad, Fardad Ali Shah and Advocate Abdul wali Khan and the general community of Chitral town who in spite of many hurdles did not lose heart and are close to achieve the target .

Bilal Ahmad
Town resident (Jang Bazar)



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