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      April 30, 2013


The Great Assistant Commissioner Mastuj


It give us high pleasure that our new generation are trying to build Pakistan with their utmost commitment and dedication which is direly needed for making our country a prosperous and progressive nation state. After parturition in 1947 Pakistan experienced numbers of political leaders and other state machinery some of them really worked hard for future of the country and others make their own fortune from the resources of this country. Like Chief Justice of Pakistan Honorable Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudery, Dr. A.Q Khan and other luminaries provided new direction for development of the country among the comity of nation. I

n the context of Chitral many political leaders and social activists also tried their best in order to bring some sort of positive change in the district by their generous contribution. The efforts of Mr. Minhasuddin Assistant Commissioner Mastuj are also best example before us. After assuming charge of the office he introduced people friendly and welfare oriented reforms in Booni and adjoining areas which gave benefits to common people living in the area. If one compares price control system among Town Chitral, Drosh and Booni than prices in Booni bazar are comparatively reasonable than town Chital and Drosh Bazars which are nearer to market as compare to Booni .

It is also learnt from our friends living in Booni that in all developmental activities carried out by Civil Society or NGOs, Mr.
Minhasuddin actively participate and extend government support to make the process sustainable and result oriented. His administrative skills for public welfare projects is highly appreciable and people of Booni really like this young PMS officer for his commitment to work and taking care of the whole population.

On April 28, 2013 one news item appeared in Chitral Times site in which people grievances about closure of Shandur Pass was mentioned. Now it is April 29th 2013 Mr. Minhasuddin AC Mastuj presented his government stance on the issue and directed to start work for opening of the Shandur Pass with immediate effect this single example show how he is sensitive to the grievances of public in his own area as well as taking quick action to address public problems. In case of down district large number of hue and cry was made by people to open Lawari Pass road so that humiliation of people in the tunnel could be stopped, but no step has been taken by any district level administrative machinery for early opening of Lawari Pass. We people pray God to give us administrative officer like Minhasuddin who is always thinking for the people of his area instead of his own chair. Well-done Assistance Commissioner Mastuj Salam to your efforts and we are really proud of you.

Ghani Ur Rahman,



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