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      April 24, 2013


Political Parties revolve around Booni

One cannot understand the political prejudice displayed by the leading political parties leadership to the people of Mastuj, Yarkhoon and Laspur. All the well known political parties PPP, PTI, APML, ANP, etc nominated their candidates from Booni for the forthcoming election scheduled to be held on May 11, 2013. They badly ignored Mastuj region, Yarkhoon and Laspur.

My question to all the above mentioned political parties is that whether there was no any eligible candidate from Mastuj, Yarkhoon and Laspur to be nominated? If you do not consider them eligible as candidate to contest election, then how do you expect they would show positive response by voting for your candidates hailing from a single village Booni?

On one hand the region of Mastuj, Yarkhoon and Laspur are full of people having leadership qualities and best possible education. They fully realize your discrimination to them. If you have ignored them, they will also ignore you.

If we take population, no one can deny these areas have population strength with largest number of voters. In the last two elections the area of Mastuj, Yarkhoon, and Laspur have played decisive role to defeat the opponent political parties. This time too, they will also play the same role.

When we look back we see that since Pakistan came into existence, not even a single political party has ever nominated its candidate from Mastuj area to contest election. We are still unable to understand why we are so badly ignored by the political leadership. We feel severe sense of deprivation when we are ignored each time. Resultantly, the ever increasing sense of deprivation seems to force the people to vote for the independent candidate hailing from Mastuj, Yarkhoon or Laspur.

Ijaz Ahmad
Wasum Yarkhoon


mail @ chitraltimes@gmail.com

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