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      April 09, 2013


ode to Geoffry Douglas Langland

Thou taught the lesson of ethics and humanity.

Thou delivered the message of peace and dignity.

Thou made the people freedom loving and courteous

Put them in the way of prosperity and virtous

Thou came here to capture the beauties of nature.

Explored the builders of the nation and their glorious future

Thy philosophy awakened the impudent and the improdent

Immensely took them to the course of improvement and achievement

Thou wished for thy students to be Sayurjan like Sayurj

And adopted all the qualities and life style of Sayurj

The time of origin of the school there was only one mind

Now see He is going, leaving thousands of langlands behind

Now the humble Sajad is saluting you Sir

With extreme please, Great respect saluting you Sir.


Poet: Syed Sajad Hussain Shah

Aga Khan Higher Secondary School Chitral.



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