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      April 08, 2013



Shireen Khowar

Chitral is a heavenly place where we enjoy peace of mind and soul, beauty and sense of every season and flavors of delicious foods wrapped in our lively culture and traditions every moment, where everyone can find love, hospitality and warmness of emotions. Our loveland Chitral and its unique language Khowar which fastens us together with its harmony exists nowhere else in the world. We have to preserve our Khowar in the shield of our affection before it vanishes in the glitters of upcoming time.

Currently Khowar is spoken by 400,000 people which make us feels  so good but the other side of the horizon is upsetting  as  according to a recent UNESCO report, Khowar is one of the 28 endangered languages which can be lost forever  in the coming years. The way we are neglecting, forgetting and mingling up Urdu and English words in it is a clear signal that it might turn out to be true. The majority of us are not familiar with many of the deep-rooted and old words our parents know, the same way our offspring will never understand the words we know and this alarming cycle will continue till the day, when Khowar will be counted in extinct languages.

Khowar will be buried in the dust of time with all our heart snatching songs with the immortal fairytales like Khosh Bigim, Yaar-Man Hamin, Ashurjan and Lok Zhur. Nowhere will echo the melodious Sithaar , No one will ever  know the bedtime stories of Chok (Owl) and Boek (Sparrow), the sweetness of Khowar will never be felt and admired,  Just canít imagine that feel of breathlessness.  Because itís more horrifying than the most horrible nightmare anyone could ever have.

Every daughter and son of Chitral should take a step forward to save our precious Khowar . We can start from educating and leading our kids to at least speaking Khowar. Our kids should be fluent in other languages but Khowar must be the first and preferred one. New generation must know the importance of our language and traditions. They shouldnít be ashamed of speaking unmixed and original Khowar instead they should feel proud of it. We must not let Khowar die with our grandparents, in fact we have to protect it and pass on to our children with our precious cultural values.  Thatís the only way we can uphold our identity because Khowar is the language of our beloved ancestors and itís our uniqueness and most of all a bond which is holding us together firmly, no matter wherever we are in the globe.

Fozia Zameer



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