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      April 05, 2013


MQM in Chitral

Dear Editor,

I was really shocked to read the news of joining Mr. Abdur Rehman in MQM, Mutahida Qaumi Movement. By profession I am a professional Accountant and not the politician. Karachi is the city where I spent more than fifteen years and got all my qualifications from there. Probably I am one of the thousands of chitrallis who know why Karachi is bleeding. Before the creation of MQM, Karachi used to be the city of peace and prosperity, but since its inception it started its activities with bloodshed, terrorism, killing of innocent people. Terrorism now has turned into new products like, extortion, target killing, snatching and looting people in day broad light. MQM has become a symbol of all social evils, no any civilized person can even think to join this notorious and terrorist organization. They are deadly against pathans, including chitralis.

Chitral is a place of peace and love. We never would like to see this menace be operative in our lovely valley. People like Abdur Rehman should refrain from doing such absurd activity which is neither in their favor nor in the favor of the land. Mr. Abdur Rehman! If you turn deaf year to the voice of learned people of Chitral then history will prove that you are going wrong way and people of Chitral will hold you accountable. Actually I know that you are unaware of the cruelty and ruthlessness of this beast like killer organization, if I tell you the horror story of this terrorist organization you will never even think to meet them. I am 100 % sure that you will be rejected badly by the people if you go to them seeking vote for this organization, so think before you take any such decision.


Afzal Nadir



mail @ chitraltimes@gmail.com

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