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  March 04, 2012


In The Name of ALLAH The Almighty

Messages for Chitralians

Happened to view Molana Ubaidullah conference in Peshawar. It was the right and the high time and the forum as well to speak about terrorism that has brought bad name to Pakistan and Muslims in the world over.

Finding out avalanche alarming device at a distance of one km by our youth is no doubt a commendable success made and I suggest that FOCUS Chitral and the District Administration Chitral should make it a point and develop it for use in Chitral. The youth needs to be encouraged and further developed as much as possible.


Liaquat Ali


Electricity crisis has become a serious problem

Dear Chitrali brothers,

Electricity crisis has become one of the serious problem in Chitral. Despite all the available resources to generate electricity it is very ridiculous that Chitral is facing 10 to 15 hours load shedding per day.

None of our political leaders have ever tried to solve this problem. Nobody knows where all the funds go. And what more shameful is, the people are still not raising their voices against it, due to which the leaders are not serious about this issue .All the people of each and every village of Chitral who suffers from load shedding must come out on the roads and strike till the government starts working on the upgrading of the present power stations or build new ones in order to end this electricity crisis as early as possible.


Azeem Sarwar Booni, Chitral


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