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  February 27, 2012


In The Name of ALLAH The Almighty


The Lightning Thief OR Torch Bearers; A question floating in mind of Chitrali Students in Karachi

“Rumors are like ripples in a cornfield. They are ephemeral, but they do indicate which way the wind is blowing”

Everyone knows about the Rumors created by two student’s Associations in Karachi; “CSWA” (Chitral student’s Welfare Association) & “CSSWA” (Chitral Students and Social Welfare Association). I think the history of these two students Platforms has been already discussed by different people in different form and everyone knows about it. The two student’s Associations not only misguiding Students but also tempting the hostile feelings among the Chitrali students and the way they are moving will result the sectarian division of future generation on the basis of Religion Sect, Race, caste, Region etc.

Our respected senior Chitrali inhabitants in Karachi have try their best to solve this issue between the two student’s platforms but every accomplishment starts with the decision to try again.

Of course the salvation and preservation of Chitrali culture and traditions is also the responsibility of the young generation of Chitrali; but just Khowar (Chitrali) music and poetry is not all we can say our culture, culture is all that we have in our mind and in our society. It is measured by the way we meet others, the way we treat other. These two student’s associations in Karachi are just wasting time of poor Chitrali student as their activities are limited to arrange Musical nights, Cricket tournaments, football tournaments etc. All these activities cause misinterpretation of rich Chitrali culture to the local population as we all know that Wine drinking, quarrel and such thing have become necessary part of such events. I think this is not the way that our educated youth can say that they are serving our culture; If any student association is honesty willing to serve Chitrali culture; I think the best way will be encouragement of writing and research skills among the students, they can publish articles, essays etc. related to our culture, language, poetry and music in different magazines, websites and newspaper.

In recent Month three Chitrali Musical nights had been arranged. One by a welfare association of Arkari (Lotkuh) valley; the second was by “CSWA “Chitral Students Welfare Association). The third Musical night was held on 18 feb, 2012 by “CSSWA” (Chitral Student & Social Welfare Association) which was supported and funded by a political personality of Chitral. We request to our respectable politicians not to support any such group until they become united and really struggle to solve the problems of Chitrali students in Karachi. We the Chitrali students are not sure whether the fund provided by any person will be used for the right purpose. There should be one Student’s platform for Chitrali Students in Karachi which will be leaded and guided by senior University students who really have the spirit to devote their time and knowledge to serve the Chitrali youth. There are no more than 500 Chitrali students in Karachi; so it will be very harmful and useless if we start to form many small groups on the basis of religion sect, Tehsil, Caste, race etc. and this will only lead to mutual crash like other street groups in Karachi.

On 8th Jan, 2012; although I was present in the Mazar-e-Quid to hear the speech of General Musharraf in which he announce to compete from Chitral in next election. Many other Chitralies were there but that was individual act of every Chitrali. One of the Association’s members were there with association’s banner in their hand that is I think completely foolish act as the word “Welfare” means that the association is completely secular and it has no political and religious view. Such things will result to not allow every Chitrali student to join such platform unless he/she also have same political and religious view.

Due to such immature activities our Chitrali sisters and daughters who are also studying in different institutions in Karachi prefers not to join any such platform although they face a lot of problems when they come here in Karachi to study. Due to this they discuss their problems with other people whom they may know or they have some kind of interaction with them.

Our request to our Chitrali senior citizens here in Karachi is; kindly try once more to solve the issue at any cost; so we all can join a single Student’s platform leaded by our senior, experienced and highly qualified Chitrali students who can devote their time and knowledge to serve the Chitrali students; so we can discuss and try our best to meet the upcoming challenges for Chitrali students here in Karachi.

In Last but not least! My request to all Chitrali students living in Karachi is, kindly you all have to play your role to solve this issue; we have to solve it, no one will be sent by Almighty God specially to solve these minor issues. We have to form a single platform if we are really honest to solve the problems of Chitrali students here in Karachi.

It is the time to recognize the Lighting thieves and the torch bearers; otherwise it will be too late.

Hameed-ur-Rehman Suroor~
Email: hrsuroor@hotmail.com



mail @ chitraltimes@gmail.com

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