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  February 21, 2012


In The Name of ALLAH The Almighty

My request to the Public Health Department

Water tank was made by Government Public Health Department in 1991 for the public of Zait to drink clean water. This tank is comprise of two portions, in the first section where water is contained in a large quantity and in the second portion there are a few sub-groups which contain small pieces of stones, water passes through the tiny stone which makes it clean. It was very advantageous process to clean up the mud-spattered water.

But unfortunately now we are using polluted muddy water directly because it is not going through that process which we were using several years back. This water tank was famous in its era due to its appropriate cleaning process but now it is in worse condition. Water becomes muddy because there are number of a hills whose soil is too light like an ash which turns it into impure before it gets into the tank and obviously it is very arduous to clean up the tank annually. A thick layer of mud will come into view in the bottom of the bucket or water cooler after an hour when you store it for house use.

We are hoping for an improvement but our big asset has gone from bad to worse. Clean water is beneficial to one’s health. It is dirt free in the high mountain that is not far-off from the populated area.

My humble request and suggestion to the Public Health Department repairs this tank and spread a network of pipeline from the mountain to the tank where it is potable.

Syed Mumtaz Hussain
Zait Chitral



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