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  February 07, 2012


In The Name of ALLAH The Almighty

ďThe color in the picture of the universe is from the existence of the femaleĒ

When the first human being made (Hazrat Adam A.S), he asked for his partner from God, than God made Bibi Hawa a woman. Why God believes that a man was, is incomplete without a woman. Itís a holy and worldly truth that a man is always incomplete without a woman and so a woman is.

From ancient till modern time world, women play a key role in society as a mother, housewife, sister and many more, but still in some parts of the world women are underestimated by men. In modern developing countries, in all types of fields and occupation nowadays women are playing a leading role and got success, BUT if we talk about our country or Asian countries, women are still insecure, they canít even feel free to go anywhere. There are still men or the men psychology present that a man has to be more dominating than women. By the grace of God, that nowadays because of increasing literacy rate and education level this thinking has been changing but with this new generation there are the old generation thoughts present and where it contradicts. As the time passes the women who are richer getting bold day by day but the women who belongs to poor families are facing the problems, getting under pressure of all old thoughts and routines and cannot be able to change anything. In my letter I want to ask one question from all the peoples of my country, that when we will accept women as a part of our society without having the dominating and ego feeling? And when we will accept that we (men) are incomplete without her? The women is a nature of God who only wants an acceptance, when the society accepts it and give respects to her in all aspects, and give her the security which she needs a lot and itís her right, than no one can defeat us.

Nurmin Sundrani
Ahmed Hassan



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