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  February 07, 2012


In The Name of ALLAH The Almighty

Influx of Outland People in Chitral

The change in traditional laws and social customs and the struggle for the rights of all classes of people has also brought some negative aspects in the course of the former State of Chitral being merged into Provincially Administered Tribal Area and then as a regular district of the province. Furthermore, rigid Mullahs have also escalated the situation. The opening of Lahori Tunnel (Corrupted as Lawari) has brought a great change in Chitrali society which lasted since the time of its existence. Chitralis did use to store grain and dried vegetable and fruit for the harsh three to four winter months of closure of the Pass while now fresh edibles are seen in markets in the same season. This great facility and blessing has also brought on the other side a wave of financial intruders in the region. Businessmen and rich from the south looking into the blooming economy of the land have started buying pieces of lands in different areas of the region. As they have large sums from unknown gotten sources so they easily buy lands availed in any corner of the area near the roadsides. It should be kept in mind that Chitral is a not an open area and being locked by mountains only a narrow strip of land exists along the riverbed. This influx of totally outsiders of financial interest is disturbing the particular friendly, peaceful and religiously tolerant atmosphere of the area.

Rigid Mullahs and the keenness of modern Pakistani theory of giving women their rights has also further geared this disturbing situation. We do not have any evidence in history that any home of Companions of The Holy Prophet be cut apart into pieces for giving a daughter her right in property as a heir. In Chitral, women who are either married apart or locally do snatch away their piece of land even be cut from the very living home. As in Chitral the land is too costly and a common or rich Chitrali does not possess say upto five million for a Kanal of land, so generally an interested millionaire is approached who makes haste to buy and then instantly erects there a commercial building. Two things can be done to come up with this problem otherwise in a matter of a few years Chitral valley will lose its unique cultural and social status.

1_ No outsiders be allowed to buy lands
2_ Women be better given their share in the form of money and belongings as a heir.

Mohammad Ilyas
Goldoor Chitral,



mail @ chitraltimes@gmail.com

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