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  February 07, 2012


In The Name of ALLAH The Almighty

The soul mates
By: Zehra Parvani

The time we have entered this world to the time we depart, we social animals will be engaged with our relationships as the well-known phrase concludes, 'No man is an island entire of it self.’

Relationship forms the basis of ones life. Yet, they are multifaceted and intricate. The way we grip those relationships brings us peace of mind or sometimes sorrow. Among those complicated relationships husband and wife’s relationship is very crucial.

Husband and wife the wheels of life’s car are tied with the wedlock of marriage. Marriages that are made in heaven attract the partners towards each other and they come close like two bodies with a single spirit.

Every human wish to marry with an ideal person but if those wishes do not come true it bring sorrow to the person’s heart. This sorrow not only carcass the hopes but it also wrecks the peaceful marriages and for this reason the couples remain with two separate souls.

I have heard about those corpse souls weeping the whole night alone under the bed sheets. Why is it so??? Are these wishes important to keep?? Are these expectations are necessary to made that can ruin one’s life? The answer is No…………………………..

So how one can live a happy marital life that can prevent the couple to break down. There are many tips that help the couples to become single spirited.

Firstly, one should be remain simple with fewer expectations. When expectations do not meet it brings pain therefore, it is better not to expect.

Secondly, give more and hope for less. One can conquer the heart of other couple through this tip and a time will come when the other partner will realize his or her partners’ this strength.

Thirdly, maintain the silence if one is out burst. Silence has its own words that speak so if your silence can break the ice then what is the use of wasting energy with shouting.

Tolerance is an important component that not only makes the person strong but it gives life to the relationship.
Sacrifices and compromises are cornerstones of marital life. If one wants to live a happy marital then he or she needs to learn that skill.

Nevertheless, marriages are made in heaven but it is the couples’ foremost responsibility to respect that heavenly made decision and become the soul mate for forever.



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