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  December 23, 2012


In The Name of ALLAH The Almighty


Could I convey my message to every single daughter!!

If some one asks me what would the hardest thing ever to be? I would say a sincere and faithful daughter. When I was little, many times friends talked about how boys are preferred to girls and that would be the strangest words I ever heard because I was brought up in such environment where that big preference to sons was no where to be found. Today, when I witnessed what is going on around, my heart goes down and my soul trembles because how true parents were preferring and praying to God for having sons. It has become the day by day routine that once a month three or four daughters run away with boys. My astute arrogance of being a daughter is broken into pieces and I am compelled to slow down my slogan which was always against preferring boys.

Grief on parent’s faces and their broken image put me in tears, but I am helpless in that regard and my helplessness is like rubbing salts on wounds of those who are grieved. I have seen faces of poor parents turning pale from the fear of loosing their daughters. I have seen them drop the tears of helplessness. I have seen them frown while laughing and I have seen them living with pain forever and due to this pain I have seen them die before the dying age.

Dear all parents, I am sorry on behalf of such daughters who put you in angst forever. I know my sorry is too little compared to the hurt given by daughters but it might pin points you that there are some daughters who care for you. If it appease you then I must say you are hundred percent right to always prefer sons to daughters.

I happened to witness and hear a discussion between well educated, experienced and liberal fathers discussing about elopement of daughters and the end result of that discussion came that the burial of daughters in early ages was compulsion of those days or it might be the reaction for their wrong actions which sting in the society now. That discussion clicked me and compelled me to express my views on it. So my hearted appeal to each daughter individually is why the concept which existed 1400 years ago and was buried by our prophet (PBUH) is evolving again?? It is of course due to our behavior, and do not you think what ever thinking prevails in peoples mind regarding daughters is unlike to what our prophet (PBUH) wanted? I agree with you that though daughters are criticized so easily but no one among us seeks to go behind the responsible factors. This is the right time to find solutions for problems eating up every one. Because there is still a hope some where residing in my heart which believes that “a daughter is a precious jewel to treasure forever”. There are still daughters who are faithful to their parents and to themselves. There are daughters representing you in every walk of life inside a country. There are daughters representing you very well outside the country and you might be proud of them Criticizing daughters and undervaluing them is for sure not going to help. There are roles which could be played to minimize this notion against daughters.

O that how could I convey my message comprehensively to each mother, that your lap is the first step which provides education? You yourself have gone through these stages so you know the problems well, faced by your daughters. So you please clear crystal convey the secrets to be a good daughter. It is often believed that girls feel shy and afraid discussing personal matters with fathers. Why is it so? It might be because father is not been frank. If this gap is reduced girls can easily share problems before they commit any mistake. Other effective role players in this regard could be the teachers. If the student can learn from you the academic skills….. Then why not ABC of behavior. Of course you give your best services academically but very few teachers make them responsible counseling daughters regarding how to be a good daughter. If both parents and teachers work together then they really can shape such environment where daughters can come up with your expectations.

It is my belief that who ever daughter does wrongly, she is unaware of realities and lack of understanding. If she has been through successfully to the above mentioned steps and still commits mistakes or blunder then she is ill fated and may be she is low in spirit.

(Respected readers would you mind it sharing it with your daughters, sisters and family even it is worthless thinking)

Thank you,

Rakhshinda shakir
Grade 12
AKKHSS Kuragh, Chitral




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