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  December 21, 2012


In The Name of ALLAH The Almighty



By Sosun Pari,
Gilgit Baltistan

The term “Liberty” comes from the ‘Latin’ word ‘Liber’ which means free. Liberty may be defined as “the faculty of willing and the power of doing what has been willed, without influence from any other sources”
‘Lasky’ says,” the eager maintenance of that atmosphere in which men have the opportunity to be their best selves”. It means the power to develop one’s abilities and the power to plan one’s life according to one’s own will. In this sense Liberty is a product of rights. Liberty implies right and opportunities which are essential for the development of the ability, personality, interests and ideas of an individual.

According to ‘Harold’ “Freedom to live one’s life with the windows of the soul open to new thoughts, new ideas, and new aspirations”. Liberty is a blessing of Allah Almighty, it is such a sweet word that everyone wants to be the part of one’s life. Freedom is a feeling which is full of pleasure and happiness.

Liberty is not Limited only for the physical aspect of man’ it is the whole about mental’ religious and social aspect of a person. It plays a vital role to improve one’s holistic development and to lead an ideal life. To achieve this target we need to understand the balance application of liberal behavior in our lives.

The Gilgit-Baltistan’s suppressed and depressed people due to the control of Dogra Raj got freedom from them on 1st November 1947.Pakistan Movement also became the source of independence for the Muslims of Sub-continent to get freedom. The main reason of this independence was the ideology of Islam.
The ecstasy filled by this Islamic ideology made the people of Gilgit Baltistan to control heavy weapons loaded Dogra Raj with stones and sticks and became able to achieve freedom to hoist the flag of Islam in the air. In getting freedom our those ancestors who have endeavored and scarified their lives, we pay salute to them and pray that Allah Almighty may bestow their martyred departed souls in eternal peace and may give us lively realization to follow on their exemplary footsteps. Their memories can only play the role of stimulation in the spirit of sacrifice for the progress of our beloved country.

“I know not what course others may take, but as for me give me liberty or give me death”. ‘Patric Henry’.
Gilgit Baltistan is currently passing through a nightmare. It has become a place of sorrow, death and destruction for its own people. People’s conscience also seems to have grown cold. The root causes of the Gilgit Baltistan issue are the bribe, biasness, cruelty, jealousy, pride and prejudice, inequality ,aggressive behaviour, personal interests, injustice, unemployment, lust for power, religious intolerance, frustration, political gains, illiteracy, poverty, lack of patriotism, greediness, misuse of power, nepotism, lack of dedication to duties, ignorance of moral and religious values, inflation and easy access to weapons. According to August B.Black “Pride is tasteless, colorless and size less. Yet it is the hardest thing to swallow”.

We being an area of diverse ethnic groups and factions are yet “Caught in an inescapable network of mutuality, tied in a single garment of destiny”. Whatever affects one directly, affects all others indirectly.

We have to accept this diversity of ideas, minds, creativity and interests but unluckily some narrow minded people deny this vital blessing of God. They think negatively and create biasness and favouritism among people. They don’t give respect to other sects that is why there is corruption in our area. Even highly educated people and responsible persons are involved in corruption. They are pessimist and extremist people, they also believe in materialism. They use their power and wealth for destruction. As American president said, “Power corrupts but absolute power corrupts absolutely”
“O liberty! What crimes are committed in thy name”
We must not break the laws and regulations for the sack of liberty, Liberty would be for the sack of life not just for liberty.

Aspects of liberty:
There are three aspects of liberty
• Liberty of thought.
• Liberty of speech and
• liberty of action
Every individual or group of individuals seeks liberty either to think, say or do something.

Advantage of liberty:
Some of advantages of liberty are as follow
• Liberty develops personality and makes life a fine art.
• Liberty assures good government.
• Liberty of the individual is the starting point of all human progress in arts, science, culture and industry.

Philosophy of Existence:
To get freedom we should follow the rules and regulations of religion. Why are we here? That is the question. We are blessed of freedom that is why we should get benefit from our freedom and do not waste the time in idle discourse. When one does not use his wit he faces many difficulties “those who cannot rule themselves must not rule the country”.

One should follow the rules and regulation of the society and religion to sustain the liberty. We are responsible for our deeds. If we have done mistakes we face many problems. According to the famous romantic poet W.W. Worth “don’t disturb the nature (God) otherwise nature will disturb you”.
In the Holy Quran Allah Almighty Says, “God is merciful for merciful people; otherwise God gives punishment to merciless people”. This shows the justice of Allah Almighty. This world is not bed of roses; therefore we should not ignore little things in our lives. Because little things are very important for us.
We are not totally free in this world we have some responsibilities, so we cannot ignore social problems, norms, rules and regulations.



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