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  February 02, 2012


In The Name of ALLAH The Almighty

Harassments on Nurses:

Nursing is a noble profession but nobody is treating nurses as a noble person because nurses are abused physically, socially and sexually. Nurses faces several difficulties while performing their duties in hospitals or health care set ups related to safety and securities, disrespect from attendants as well as from the doctors (the other health care team members) and many more but Nowadays, the most important issue is the sexual harrasments which nurses are facing from not only health care team members but from the patients and patients family members.

Recently one incident happened in JPMC hospital of Karachi, a nursing student got sexually harrased by a doctor in male hostel and afterwards he attempted to kill her but; unfortunately she survived, that doctor had some personal references with political parties and that nursing student belongs to a poor family. That doctor threades that nursing student and her family to withdraw case and at the end the result was that nothing had happened, no any step has been taken from higher authority in favor of nurses.

There fore its our humble request to the higher authority that please do not spoil this noble profession respect and dignity , they should have to provide safety and security to the nurses so they can work comfortably in hospital environments as the nurses perform a key role in saving lives of human beings. And the persons who are involved in such type activites got the punishment as per Islamic Law.

Shaikh Muhammad Saad
Muhammad Raza Karachi.



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