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  December 18, 2012


In The Name of ALLAH The Almighty

When nature calm affords

Red, yellow, pistachio leaves of the fall,
The thick mass under the half-bared tree
The thin layer strewn in sides all:
Along the rows of apple tree,
The all brown autumn fields
Lying calm for better yields

The grooves, valleys and the hills,
Standing tall and solid and hard
In the panting breath of the morning chill,
The flutter and faint twitter of the bird,
Tinge of reddish and bright gold,
The early ray and the horizon hold

All so fair, even more pretty seem
The gentle heaven, the river shallow;
The dreary wind out to the soft kettle steam,
To the ear what conceives is a sound mellow
Clouds overhang, and intermittent showers,
Not the least appealing are the dripping bowers

The peeping sun from behind the range,
And Bathed midday of the later hour
Gathered stones, like a small henge,
Scattered too, free ones, from the bar
Cold, wet leaves floating on brooks,
Embroidered on green patches and nooks

All smile with silent talk,
The elated souls only grasp
The inward silence thus so break,
As beads in a string without clasp
Everything so jocund, happy and gay
That the earth out in the season lay

Cold night and the glow from the sky
Like mild, calm still enchanter;
Weaving upon the half-sleep eye
A soothing balm, that falls softer
Than blown fluff on warm summer lake
From all, the mind peace and delight take.

By Nasira



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