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  February 02, 2012


In The Name of ALLAH The Almighty


Dear Editor,

Mr. Rehman Malik, the inefficient home minister has blamed that a group from Chitral and Gilgit is behind the terrorist activities in Karachi city. I think this absurd statement should not amaze Chitralis, because the person who is famous for his absurdity, notorious and none sense statements. To hide his inefficiency to handle Karachi situation, he blames the people who are symbol of peace through out Pakistan. We, all Chitrallis are grieved and sorry to hear the blame of quake dr. malik.

On behalf of all Chitrallis, I would like to appeal to the office bearer of PPP Chitral to host a strong protest against the foolish statement of Malik. If he has proof he should bring the same to the nation, otherwise making such silly statement to hide his corruption and inefficiency will not be tolerated.

Afzal Nadir

Interior Ministers' statement condemned

Dear Editor

On behalf of People of Chitral I condemn the statement of Interior Minister, Rehman Malik “that terrorists belonging to Chitral, Gilgit and adjacent areas were involved in the Karachi targeted killing” I understand that Mr. Rehman Malik has no knowledge about the background and position of the areas. Chitral is most peaceful district of the country situated in KPK. It is recorded that so far no terrorists’ activities were observed in Chitral since history can recall.

I will advise Mr. Rehman Malik to apologize to the peace loving people of Chitral for his baseless and irresponsible statement.


Muhammad Yousuf Zond
Mastuj, Chitral.



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