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  December 04, 2012


In The Name of ALLAH The Almighty

PIA Deterioration

This is in response to the recent wave of unfortunate would be incidents due to the incompetence and negligence of the PIA, Pakistanís first and once top international airlines, carrying some high slot personalities viz. the chief justice of Pakistan, Federal Ministers, MPs, Bureaucrats and common masses twice: one from Islamabad to Jeddah and the other from Karachi to Islamabad. It needs prompt address from all the stakeholders. PIA which once used to be the best airline under the competent leadership of air marshal (R) Asghar Khan and Air Marshal (R) Noor Khan; its service was amicable and appreciable. The high-ups of the airlines strictly observed merit and never went for nepotism, corruption or mismanage. They themselves obeyed rules and regulations, it always followed its time schedule and never waited for any VIP, Minister or Advisor, but their successors did not follow their footprints, degrading it from its high position. Owing to these circumstances, it descended from its glory, adding miseries to its passengerís irks. It is the call of the time for the govt as well as the Supreme Court of Pakistan to take immediate remedial measures for its revitalization and revamp its structure. Strict observation of merit, competent engineers and cooperative staff can reinstate its previous glory as well as increase its income. Albeit it would certainly top the list outclassing all others.

Best regards,

Imtiaz Ahmad,
Mardan, KPK.




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