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  November 27, 2012


In The Name of ALLAH The Almighty

Dire need of fully-fledged University for Chitral.

Respected Sir,

There are total 133 universities in Pakistan, including 60 in the private sector. Khyber Pukhtunkhwa has 24 universities in both private and public sector. Chitral is the biggest district of KPK where the literacy rate is very high as compared to other districts. The rate of migration is also very high as the youth is much more inclined towards higher education, and Chitral lacks with full fledged University.

Every year, thousands of students from Chitral migrate to different cities of Pakistan for acquiring higher education due to unavailability of institutions in the district. There is one government commerce college in the main Chitral town. Separate campuses of the government degree colleges for males and females have also been established in the main city. There are so many private colleges which are providing quality education to the students up to graduation level. Also so many colleges for the promotion of business education have been established in different areas of Chitral. The campuses of Shaheed Benazir Bhutto University and Abdul Wali Khan University Mardan have been established in Chitral to facilitate the students but they are not of national or international standard. As many as 45 colleges are affiliated with Shaheed Benazir Bhutto University Dir. There are 27 private colleges in Chitral according to net sources. Approximately, 10,000 students are registered for board examinations (Matric) every year from Chitral. This district has 70% literacy rate in KPK according to government literacy rate bureau.

Chitrali nation is really eager to acquire education but they have been kept deprived of education by not establishing a fully fledged University in Chitral. They students who are capable of bearing their higher education expenses are migrated to Islamabad, Karachi, Peshawar and other big cities but other students, not having financial assistance remain deprived and skip their education. They join Chitral Scout, Army or join any other field of profession for their sustenance. There is not any good source of income except agriculture and there are not such farmlands from where they can earn good lively hood and sufficiency of food. Sometime this deprivation causes narcotic addiction among the young Chitrali Students.

Being the president of Chitral Students Welfare Association (CSWA), Karachi, I have noticed different issues of students in their studies in Karachi. Most of them have the financial issues, residential issues as there are no hostel facilities in Karachi, problem at the time of admission as per there is category system, sectarian killings are also big problems for Chitralis inhabitant in Karachi. There are also biased attitude of the authorities in the universities of Karachi. There is a great discrimination with Chitrali Students.

Fardad Ali Shah Noor Alim.
President CSWA, Karachi Unit.
University of Karachi.



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