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  November 09, 2012


In The Name of ALLAH The Almighty



(By: Muhammad Javed Hayat)

Oh, tears, o, green fields

Oh, flowers, o, Nightingales

Oh, pastures, o, Mounts.

Oh, Overflowing steams.

Oh, floody rivers.

Oh, blazing sum, o, hot night.

Oh, sad news coming up to all of you.

A news that a massage of decline.

O, floody rivers, the autumn is coming.

Oh, flowers, oh nightingales, oh blazing sun oh, hot night.

The autumn is coming soon.

All the green fields will stay barren.

All the pastures, mounts will turn yellow.

The whirling rivers will lose its youth.

All the trees would lose their fruits.

Cold wind will set in.

All the folk start to collect grains, woods, husk, forges and everything for seeting in winter.

All the green leaves would fade away.

On the bank of river all my resorts will re appear.

The floody river now like a stream.

All the rocks will laugh on it but will remind its furious waves.

The life of mine is like weather.

When I born it was spring, in my youth it was summer, in my old age it will change in to autumn.

It will winter when I will complete the journey of my life.

The harsh time is coming to end.

My life is descending down like the river of autumn.

All of us are the passage of weather.

All of us are playing our roles.

Let us enjoy the journey.

Let us laugh and be merry.

I love autumn,

I want to occupy my set on the bank of river.




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