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  November 09, 2012


In The Name of ALLAH The Almighty

Comments on  Dr. Rahmat Aman article on Iodine

Dr. Rahmat Aman has written the above article on a very serious health problem of Chitral district with very relevant ideas on how to reduce the iodine deficiencies of our children. Our children are more intelligent then others because in the village life there are less distractions factors compare to big city life. The only thing we have to be carful about the basic nutrients required for each child to improve the child IQ level, physical and mental growths.

People usually donít realise it and it is not visible to each one of us to see and measure the improvements within the few years in Chitral. Let me tell you something about the history of this issue and how it surfaced. In 1985 Aga Khan University (AKU) conducted a health survey in Chitral, which revealed the prevalence of goitre in Chitral is very common on the base of that survey more than 300 school going childrenís urine samples were collected and within 24 hours these urine samples reached in the AKU Laboratory Karachi. The result was alarming, that more then 65% children have different level of iodine deficiencies and disorder. We were asked to administer iodinated injection to the children up to 25 years of age. This was supervised by Dr. Anwar, Incharge government EPI program of Chitral District. AKHSP provided the iodinated injections and accessories. I was asked to launch the iodised salt crash program throughout Chitral. So initially every thing was free. So we distributed iodised salt free of cost and conducted lecturer programs to motivate the people to use the iodised salt and the AKHSP paid for all costs of that program. We visited all the villages from Arandu to Yahkhoon Lasht and Gobor. In short what I have seen at that time and what I can see today is a colossal improvement of human life, which I can not express in words.

Please focus on the Dr.Rahmat Amanís suggestions and we all should be part of that health improvement process of our next generation.

Zohran Shah




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