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  November 07, 2012


In The Name of ALLAH The Almighty

An open letter to Mehtar e Chitral.

I was very delighted to hear that Mehtar e Chtiral HH Fateh Ul Mulk Ali Nasir has banned illegal Water fowl hunting (sometime called as game hunting) in his ancestry hunting ground (Balach Shotar). This ground is famous for hosting numerous migratory birds during autumn, winter and spring season during which birds hunting in its full swing. For implementing his directions he has made some bold decisions by abolishing the recently erected hunting ponds. This decision reflects his kind heartiness and good thinking for the creature of Allah. I sincerely appreciate His Highness for this compassionate decision where the district administration and wild life department failed to ensure wildlife conservation from the past few decades.

Unfortunately it is inconvenient truth that illegal hunting of wildlife is predominantly practiced all over Chitral but one must not forget the fact that hunting is in the blood of many Khow people (as it is common practice been carried out for centuries) and is a source of excitement for the locals to pass the harsh winter season with some entertainment. Water fowl hunting is also practiced in all over the world but is regularized either by the government or through the community.
Here I would just like to bring an important point under kind consideration of HH that instead of banning hunting it would be much pretty if he can regulate the hunting mechanism in Balach Shotar. Making a single pond in the entire ground and issuing provisional hunting license (on daily basis) and utilizing that revenue for any social cause in Chitral can be one option.

Imran Elahi,
Danin Chitral.




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