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  November 06, 2012


In The Name of ALLAH The Almighty

Rising extremism needs to be checked in Chitral now

We in Chitral owe much to Zahur ul haq Danish for giving us a wake up call from the slumber that we have so far been lucky to enjoy in our otherwise restive province.

Commenting on Zahoors letter, Mr Akhtar Ali from QA University Islamabad said " when we look at mullahs history, they were at the same time priests and kings men..."

This takes me back to the days when the Swat imbroglio was at its initial stage. I used to ask opinions from my Swati friends and many of them would take me aback with their views saying " the law enforcement agencies can easily put a stop to this if they want. It almost looks like they are mixed up with the miscreants". To add weight to their arguments they would continue " how come they can't silence an ordinary FM radio station"

The situation in Chitral is shaping up in a similar manner. Khateeb who lead the Eid prayers at the Shahi Masjid Chitral devoted more time in his sermon to defending the Taliban than educating the congregation about the spirit of sacrifice behind the Eid that was being celebrated that day. Khateeb is a government teacher drawing government salary. Confusing? Read further.

Only a month ago the Chief Secretary of our province had announced a grant of  four crore of rupees, towards the face lift of this very mosque. Surely the prayer leader could easily have been told to refrain from saying anything that would disturb communal harmony in his district???

No wonder that young Zahur (who incidentally went to the  mosque in Singoor for his Eid prayers) asks the question which haunts all of us " does ISI and other law enforcement agencies have tacit approval of all that mullahs preach?"

But why should our fingers just keep pointing at "ISI and other law enforcement agencies"? Where are our political leaders hiding ? Why are they so impotently silent about such vital issues? Are they not aware of the mushrooming of madressa's in crowded places of Chitral town, some of them two-stories high built with expensive re-enforced concrete? Should they not be finding out the sources of funding of such madressa's? Surely our local politicians should take some time off from their money-making and devote more time to saving their district and their people from a disaster about to happen through this "madsassa culture" that is creeping into our society.

Luckily the "Chitrari" spirit in the population is still alive. We all feel strongly about our area, our culture and our language. How long this will last against the invasion visibly coming from outside Chitral only time will tell. We need to further strengthen our "Chitrari culture" because in the end it is inevitable that the weaker culture will give in to the stronger one.

Siraj Ulmulk



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