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   October 31, 2012


In The Name of ALLAH The Almighty

Concept of Global village and V-Wireless phone service in Chitral

Dear sir,

First of all, my warm greeting and EID MUBARAK to chitral times , whole CHITRAL VALLEY and CHITRALIES and May ALLAH present all of you thousands of happy movements in your life. (amen).

EID is the most important festival for all the Muslims all over the world, in this occasion all the family members struggling and trying to be at home, so the parents will enjoy the EID.

I am a student, I cant met with my parents and miss the heaven valley of CHITRAL, we are facing many hardships to reached CHITRAL, but this is another problem, now I am going to notice you about one serious problem of communication, now technology has changed whole world global village, a person is not at home but he will be with the family through communication media.

So unfortunately I was in hostel, I tried many times to contact with my parents, brothers, sisters and other relatives, because of failed connection of V WIRELESS connection in KARIM ABAD, CHITRAL, I can not called them, I am really regret that I have missed not only my parents, but whole CHITRAL and CHITRALI parents, brothers and sisters.

I am  appealing on behalf of the people of KARIM ABAD through Chitral Times,  for early  solution of  connection problem.

Syed Qayyum Ali Shah Bresh Gram,

Karim Abad Chitral.



mail @ chitraltimes@gmail.com

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