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   October 13, 2012


In The Name of ALLAH The Almighty

Frailty thy name is woman

‘Frailty thy name is woman’, I used to utter this statement of Shakespeare whenever I heard about any girl escaping from the cage of life by letting herself be the victim of clamorous river or choosing the path of humiliation through elopement. Like the other people of my community I always blamed their weak intellect but never looked into their helpless hearts….. yet I claimed myself as a philanthropist person but never tried to know what it meant.

Today, again I heard about a girl who synchronized her last few breaths with the melodious tunes of the singing rivulets. I heard the people cursing her and saw them showing their antipathic behaviour towards her stupidity . I too coerced my lips to support the crowd but I found them seald. Meanwhile my spirit threw away the spectacles of apthay and hatred through which I used to see the falsified aspects of the women.

I am not saying that women are superior to men or they possess the same status as that of the men. I am in accord with the Quranic verse and scientific proof that men has been bestowed abit domineering status over the women. But it doesn’t mean that mistakes are always aboriginally related to women’s life.

Elopement is one of such burning issues which are acquainted with the daughter of Eve. Obviously, such a step taken by a daughter is awful and morally not acceptable. The startling truth behind this fallacious issue is only and only due to lack of guidance. Because such a step is taken only by the teenagers, and according to an English writer Sean Covey teenage is the most crucial stage of life where a person has to be very cautious before making any decision. Girls are emotionally blackmailed in this stage mostly, so they make such a decision as they don’t gain any kind of endorsement from their elders. Secondly, they are also enthralled by the web of black magic as it is common in our area. Indeed, some of the unfortunate girls opt this pathway to unfetter themselves from the heavy household responsibilities and cruel sights of a step mother or a boorish sister in law.

But the question here is why only the girls become the victim of the sharp sights all around? If elopement is a sin then why the daughter receives condolence while the son receives congratulations? why this is so that if a daughter takes golden step then the father is applaud but if the same daughter takes wrong step then the mother is blamed? Isn’t there anyone who can look into the gilded cage of helplessness where a daughter is bounded? Why always the people vilify a daughter committing suicide but never try to search for the reasons of her abnegation? Has there been any mother who thought to depart from her beloved child without any reason? OR has there been any person who preferred his or\her demise over the colourfull life?

It is quite knotty to have the answers of these questions, because the children of Adam have been taught to see the incurring sides of the pictures. Neither I can change the minds of the people nor I can stop the false statements uttered in the honour of a daughter who commits suicide or chooses the wrong pathway of her life. I can only transfer my emotions on this blank page through the pen which runs from the ink of my tears. OR at least I can try to fulsify the statement of Shakespeare by saying that frailty is not the name of woman instead woman is the name of love. The love which resists her to protest against her beloved ones even when they are wrong, the love which tends a sister to sacrifice her own wishes rather than to deny her brother’s wills and the love which doesn’t allow a daughter to be burden on her parents.
In epitome, female commits suicides when they are in plight while male face the tribulation with courage. Because male can go everywhere to heal his wounds but a female alone cannot go anywhere except the dark abyss underneath the incandescent earth.

Shabana Wali




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