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   October 13, 2012


In The Name of ALLAH The Almighty

Vacant Posts of Doctors in Chitral


District Chitral is far-flung and environmentally hardest region of KPK which remain in severe cold weather for more than six months. During winter season traveling to down country for medical check up or other chronic health issues is serious problems for poor patient.

Usually candidate acquire medical seat in professional colleges KPK through Chitral Quota and after becoming doctors they often express reluctance to serve in Chitral but prefer to serve in down country especially in Peshawar. Having being remotest district of KPK all health facilities should be available in Chitral to mitigate suffering of poor patients community. People of the area mostly complain that government is not taking interest in solving their problem. Demand of people is justified but it is also to mention here that when the son of Chitral who got seat in MBBS from Chitral quota are not ready to serve in Chitral how can anyone blame government. Recently Chief Justice Visit to Chitral followed by Chief Secretary of KPK intensive visit, some step has been taken at high level to solve chronic problems of Chitral relating to health sector on sustainable basis by sending back all Doctors belong to Chitral to serve in this remote and hardest district in order to soften critical ailments of patients community. This step is highly appreciated and we the people of Chitral are very grateful to Chief Secretary Peshawar for taking such bold and revolutionary step for the people of Chitral.

It is further requested to send back all specialists and medical officer to Chitral who are serving in Peshawar and belong to Chitral. If specialist migrated to Peshawar and city areas then remote district like Chitral, Dir etc will seriously suffer. Due to migration of doctors to down Country large number of doctors posts are lying vacant in various Health Units of Chitral and down trodden members of community are seriously suffering from this problems.

Nasir Mehmood
Drosh (District Chitral)



mail @ chitraltimes@gmail.com

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