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   October 02, 2012


In The Name of ALLAH The Almighty

In response of "Influx of Outland People in Chitral" on Fab, 2012 by Muhammad Ilyas

Dear Editor,

Mr. Muhammas Ilyas truly highlighted the serious problem of our Chitral. We should appreciate his thinking for our Chitral.

I personally feel this problem more than any resident of our Chitral but the problem is that we should not say like this that NO one should allow to purchace a piece of land because; It is our Chitral, it is our Peshawar, it is our Lahore, it is our Quetta, it is our Karachi etc etc and eventually it is our Pakistan.

From the very first day I am saying that we need to unite and shall work together as brothers and for this problem I suggest some points;

1. Well known (in humanity and honesty) persons from all over Chitral district shall meet and shall make a committee and work of this committee will be to monitor land purchasing to the people from other parts of our country.

2. Residents of our Chitral shall show responsibility not to sell land without prior informing the committee.
3. Maximum size of land shoul be fix for other people, for example max. half chakoram.
4. Unity regarding the problem is very necessary.

May be my suggestions are not good and someone else has good points so he is kindly requested to publish his good points, please.

Engr. Rasheed ULLAH
District Karak



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