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   September 30, 2012


In The Name of ALLAH The Almighty

Potential of Tourism in Chitral

This year we have seen a good size of foreign tourists in Chitral despite of the security issues we are facing. This is really a good sign and we hope to have more and more tourists in the years to come. Chitral valley is considered of the beautiful places on the face of earth. It is rich in mountains, forests and it has got a rich colorful culture full of festivals.
Kailash civilization is unique of its kind and the visit this place people are always interested.
The Shandur polo festival also attracts many foreign tourists. The wild polo played on the ground of Shandur at such high altitude in a unique style is gaining popularity amongst the tourists. A game with no strict rules has become a source of amusement for the sport lovers, specially the foreigners. Many other smaller sports and cultural events like Jashn E kaghlast and Jashn E Jungle are gaining popularity amongst the visitors. These smaller events have great potential to attract more and more people.

We have got great mountains of high altitude which could work as a magnet to bring mountaineers around the world to Chitral. Tirichmir is one of them and can be developed and introduced like K2 and Mount Everest.

The Chitral Gol national park and other parks of its kind in Chitral are full of nature’s beauty. These parks have been well preserved over the past few years and has have become very much hub of wild animals which were once near to extinct. With the efforts of local population and authorities they are now very much successful in rising up a sizeable amount of such endangered species. The white snow leopard. Mountain ibex, Markhoor can be easily seen by the visitors. These parks would bring local as foreign visitors. Best arrangements have to be made in this regard for the visits the way arrangements are made in developed and well developing countries like India.

The local handicrafts made by the hardworking skilled men and women are gaining popularity over the past few years. The private sector contribution in the development of handicrafts sector is really commendable. Different Non Governmental Organizations are also contributing well in this regard. The handicrafts can be introduced to the outer world so that we can be termed as skilled nation. This would bring both local and foreign buyer indirectly increasing the number of visitors to Chitral
Pakistan tourism cooperation needs to play a key role in this regard. The private sector is putting all its efforts. Many beautiful hotels have been built by the local investors but the return ratio of the investment is very low. If steps are being taken by the government in this regard, the confidence of the local investor will be increased and more investment would be made. P.T.D.C needs to bring up with a better plan involving the local people in the program, to bring up better results.

Sitting in Islamabad or Peshawar and making plans to develop tourism in Chitral is not going to make any difference. Difference can only be made when the ground realities are better studied and discussed involving the local experienced people.
I see Chitral as one of the best tourists spots in the coming years if proper attention is given. We have to rely on tourism because Pakistan can make huge amount of foreign reserves through tourism. Pakistan is a beautiful country full of beautiful mountains rivers, plains and wild animals. We have got four seasons which is a great Blessing of Allah. We would be unfortunate if we fail to take advantages which Nature has provided us.

Khisro Yousafzai




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