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   September 28, 2012


In The Name of ALLAH The Almighty

Qari Faizullah A Chitrali to be proud of!!

I am not really an optimistic person. I hold grudges, biases and love criticism. However, the man here has won over some one as cynical as myself. QariFaizullah has proved himself all these years and has emerged as one person in the district who has given back to his people in a true manner. I have studied him closely over the years, how he has been encouraging students both morally and financially. The surprising part is he never limited himself to the religious studies students of Madrasahs. The Iqra awards which Qari gives out annually to district toppers are an example of that. Apart from that I personally know students who receive scholarship either directly from him or through organizations where QariFaizullah referred them. Here is to a person who has earned loads of prayers and achievements.

Bakhtawar Salik
NUST Islamabad




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