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   September 23, 2012


In The Name of ALLAH The Almighty

Doors opening for the development of Chitral

Dear Editor Chitraltimes,

Sir, I would like to inform our all brothers from our Chitral district that doors are very near to open for development of our Chitral district as people like Abdul Latif and Rehmat Ghazi came forward to take serious actions for the development of our Chitral district. It is the time to help and strengthen their hands for the better future of our Chitral otherwise we will loose this chance. Opportunity knocks at the door once, if you open the door you will get and if you are sleeping and not open the door, you will be in loss.

So, all our brothers from our Chitral district are kindly requested to help Abdul Latif and Rehmat Ghazi for developmental works in near future.

District Karak



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