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   September 14, 2012


In The Name of ALLAH The Almighty

Chitral Police role lauded

Dear Editor Chitraltimes.com

I would like to appreciate your efforts for bringing us news and views from Chitral despite the problems of electricity, DSL and weather condition of the area.

Through the Chitraltimes.com I would also like to appreciate and commend the role of Chitral Police in the increasing number of occurrences recently. The unfortunate incident at Barenis was timely well handled during Ramadan, which, could pilot to further conflict with obnoxious result. Then, followed the murder of a youngster at Moroi but with immediate action by police the culprits arrested. Again today's news item from Pakhturi Oveer that a girl was murdered and her body thrown into the local stream and after five days recovered the body mysteriously and buried by calling out as suicide. But, the police took action and exhumed the body for the purpose of post mortem which proved murder. I hope the perpetrators will face their destiny soon. There have been dozens of such cases in the past un-noticed and many of them may have been murdered as of the unfortunate girl in Pakhturi.

If the role of police increases in such a positive manner then there is no doubt that people will trust and extend their support and involve the police in even ordinary matters which will result in plummeting in crime rate in our society.

The credit of enhanced role of police directly goes to the DPO Mr. Rasheed whose dedication, commitment and passion played a leading role to restore the trust of police in the public. My words are not exaggerated because I know his enthusiasm to keep Chitral a crime free area in the region. We should respect and support his efforts because such dedicated officers seldom land in Chitral. Salute to Chitral police.

Noor Azam Khan
Jeddah, KSA



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