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   September 06, 2012


In The Name of ALLAH The Almighty

Welcome Mr. Khan

On 15th September 2012 Chairman Pakistan Tehrike – Insaf Imran khan will be visiting Chitral along with his party giants Javed Hashmi and Shah Mehmood Qureshi. He will address the largest ever public gathering as expected in the polo ground of Chitral. Imran khan has previously visited Chitral but this time it is different as his public fame has boosted and many renowned personalities have joined his party and political analysts are forecasting his victory in the next general elections.

The Chitrali’s will warmly welcome the PTI leadership as from Tehrike – Insaf they expect a wave of change which would vanish the backwardness of this area in spite of its great geo strategic importance and natural resources. The public will want to know how Mr. Khan can bring a change in this distant and downtrodden area. A forceful speech will not be enough as the general masses are used to it however a rigid policy and strategy will definitely inspire the people. In short we can say that Mr. Khan should bring himself a smart policy which will eradicate the following big issues as these are the major bottlenecks in the development of Chitral

• Completion of Lowari tunnel
• Load Shedding
• Timber Mafia
• Drugs smuggling
• Unemployment
• Tapping natural resources
• Security threats at border
• Quality education
• Woman empowerment

Mr. Khan should have a proper home work done before coming to Chitral, without proper homework I don’t think he will be able to satisfy the general masses to win a seat from here. Winning a seat from Chitral is never easy because you have to face two big parties Jamate Islami and PPP and Mr Shahzada Muhayyuddin Personal vote bank. But we also know that the joining of Mr. Rehmat Ghazi, Fardad Ali shah and Haji Sultan has also brought the PTI in a competitive position in Chitral. The next general elections will be one of the tough one for every party in Chitral because for the first time largest number of candidates will be contesting an election and every party have equal chances as political scenario has changed dramatically in the past few months.
Mr. Khan we welcome you to Chitral but without smart policy, strategy and good preparation it will be almost impossible for you to win a seat.

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