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   August 06, 2012


In The Name of ALLAH The Almighty

Person sent to jail due to forwarded message

Person being jailed due to a forwarded message seems like a fairy tale, a rare case scenario, but it has occurred in Chitral. In Drosh Chitral, a person got jailed by the current DCO of Chitral, just because he was raising voice against the ongoing Energy crisis, and he was actively participating in activities which up brings people’s voice through APML. ‘He’s been jailed just because he was not a worker of Awami National Party, had he been a worker of ANP, he would never been jailed because of a forwarded message’, people say.

The person jailed is Shah Khalid, an active member of APML party and always keen in upbringing the voice of Chitral in the form of different peaceful protests and rally’s.

Mr. Shah Khalid is always an active member for the betterment of the society, he always raises his voice in front of the present government for the betterment of different social issues, e.g. energy crisis in Drosh Chitral, water crisis and different social crisis related to Chitral.

According to his colleagues, message he sent was to one of the politician friend who had remained a colleague of his in different issues, but later on he changed his mind, and for the sake of his personal benefits, he behaved like an snake which bites his master, and to press the real voice, he personally showed interest and showed the message to the DCO, and thus, the DCO sent Mr. Shah Khalid to Jail, today 4th of August was his fifth day in jail, and today was his bail but he did not allow it.

Mr. DCO over reacted to the situation and misused his authority, people are saying that he is of those people who does not deserve authority. He doesn’t have right to put people in Jail like this.

That is not enough! He says, he has been continuously stopping his bail using his authority as DCO of Chitral for the past five days; the family is very stressed right now. His bail was expected to be on 4th of August, but DCO personally showed interest and kept it pending till now.

Now the question rises, do DCO has authority to put people in jail just because of a forwarded message where he is involved? It is an appeal to the present government to take notice of this incident, and act accordingly and bail the person being jailed for no reason; the DCO is being personal to the person, and there should be a way out of this. Therefore it’s a public appeal to the Government to look to this unique incident.

Anisullah Jan
Student Forman Christian College Lahore.


mail @ chitraltimes@gmail.com

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