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 January 23, 2012


In The Name of ALLAH The Almighty

Work load on Nurses affects on patients care

Nurses are too much load with work at hospital consequently patients care gets affected badly.

Work load or over burden on nurses mainly due to shortage of staff which adversely affects patient care.

At present, (published in the express tribune, February 5th, 2011) surveys by PNC shown only that 67,000 nurses are registered with PNC, and they are facilitating 170 million population of this country. Which result in medicine errors, compromised and bad nursing care and aggressive behaviour, this all is eventually.

To meet the growing demands of our increasing population, better nursing care, it is important to increase the number of nurses in around all hospital of our country.

Rizwan Khalid
Patras Yaqoob

Dow University of health science
(Institute of nursing)



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