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 January 19, 2012


In The Name of ALLAH The Almighty


Nurses are facing many problems in their profession but the leading problem is Harassment either physical, mentally, sexually because they are very close in contact with patients, their families, and Para medical staffs. Although this was a noble profession and upgraded in the western countries but, the image of this profession is very degraded by the people in Pakistan. Itís the nature of this profession is to give care like checking blood pressure, giving sponge bath, dressing etc thatís why nurses get in touch with patients and their family members which increases the rates of physical harassment among them. As nurses are taking very low category person so people are using abusive languages, feels them an inferior person and give mental torture. Nurses are going alone in doctors and patients room so people draw advantages of these situations and sexually abuse them. Media expose this issue many times publically that nurses had been sexually abuse mostly by the doctors but these issues were hold back sometime by the hospital administrator, by victim or by giving threats to offender etc. Researches or history reveals that necessary step was not taken to control these issues in the hospitals of Pakistan there should be some laws meant by the government or hospital management in order to solve these issues. My concern of discussing this issue is to give dignity and respect as this profession demands. If these conditions remain same in our society then our country will not able to develop in health care fields and they compromise with the quality care or a quality care nurses.

Written by,
Samira Amin / Imran khan



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