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 January 19, 2012


In The Name of ALLAH The Almighty


Eat Meat by Zehra Parvani

Many of the people love to eat meat, they eat different meat items according to their affordability but this becomes evident after Eid ul Azha. This Eid recalls us the sacrifice of Hazrat Abraham (A.S) and Muslims slaughter cattles to tribute this event and then distribute the meat to their relatives, neighbors and unaffordable. Let’s have an eye on what is a meat????


Meat is animal flesh that is used as food. This flesh consists of muscle, associated fat , other tissues and organs.

Allowed and Forbidden (Haram and Halal)

The consumption of meat has various traditions and rituals associated with the concepts of haram and halal.

Sources of Meat in Islamic Countries

Following animals are used to obtain meat in Islamic Countries:
• Chicken
• Fish
• Goat
• Sheep
• Cow
• Buffalo
• Camel
• Sea food

Sources of Meat in Non Islamic Countries
• Cat
• Dog
• Pig
• Horses
• Guinea Pig
• Whale and Dolphin
• Crocodile
• Ostrich
• Zebra
• Water buffalo
• Rabbit
• Duck
• And other sources that are used in Islamic Countries

Red and White Meat
Red meat is red when raw and not white when cooked. It includes the meat from all mammals. Whereas, white meat or light meat refers to the lighter-colored meat of poultry and fish and it becomes white on cooking.

Meat is Nutritious
Meat has following essential nutrients that are important for growth and development.
• Protein
• Zinc
• Vitamin B12
• Selenium
• Phosphorus
• Niacin
• Vitamin B6
• Choline
• Riboflavin
• Iron
• Amino acids
• Fats (depends on type of meat)

Meat Production
Meat is produced by killing the animal and cutting the desired flesh out of it. These procedures are called slaughter and butchery.

Islam and Slaughtering
It’s a religion ritual in Islam that every year cattles are slaughter on Eid- ul -Azha to recall the sacrifice by the Islamic Prophet.

Other Way Round
However, the other means of getting the meat is killing the animal by shooting them with gun or by letting them out of oxygen supply.

Meat Preservation
The spoilage of meat occurs anytime and it becomes poisonous or infectious. However, refrigeration, salting and smoking can reduce the risk of spoiling and can preserve the meat.

Healthy Rules
Four healthy rules to preserve meat and prevent disease are:
• Clean thoroughly the meet, the area where it cuts and cooks
• Cook it thoroughly
• Cover it properly
• Chill the meat

Meat and Health
Over consumption of meat is harmful for health as it can cause obesity, heart disease, constipation and cancers of the lung, esophagus, liver, and colon. In contrast, adequate meat intake provides immunity to body and it’s good for body’s healing and repair.



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